Amazing Follower Tweaks mod for Skyrim


AFT mod is an extension of the gameplay the game with respect to associates, everyone knows the famous UFO mod, but this mod is essentially performs the same steps, but much wider, you can in addition to the standard commands used in UFO, use commands companions in a more expanded form and opportunities, all the possibilities, see below. AFT can support a maximum of [32] companions. Full inventory control – allows you to take and give everything to your partner, as well as putting it into any clothing. The ability to give orders to his various associates through interactive branch. The ability to borrow up to 15 companions simultaneously. Ability to view full statistics of your companion. Raise level of companions! In the original game, their level is automatically kept on a level with you, but with this mod you can control it! All satellites will be able to ride on horseback - you can find a horse in the stables Winterhold. There is no limit on the level of for companions! All companions - women get new animation (not in men). All companions can marry . This is only a small part of what makes this mod !!! And most importantly, the book with all the settings and instructions will appear in your inventory when you first start mod book called “AFT”, the book will appear in 30 seconds, so try to not panic prematurely.

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