Battlemage Armour (Female) mod for Skyrim


The mod adds to the game new sets of light armor (robe) for sorcerers or for those who like to look like a magician.

• Only for women
• No support for the slider body weight
• Suitable for all body types
• Base is a set of clothes in your room to the college Winterhold
• armor forged in the smithy, you need to have Blacksmith perk complex types of armor and armor improves on the bench
• You will also need a book “Craft Arcana” (there is in your room at the College Winterhold on the table) and the need to keep it in your inventory. Whenever a book in your pocket, you can forge armor (this in order to avoid unnecessary littering menu crafting)
• You can combine the boots and gloves with armor of fashion Ursine armour

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