Better Shaped Female Creatures mod for Skyrim


Mod has changed and improved forms of creatures in the game in the effeminate appearance, such as Spriggans, Spriggans-matron, Hagraven, Flame Atronach mother; There is also a female found in the game in both sexes, such as Draugr, Falmer and, in addition, a female version of the vampire lord.Mod does not affect the model Spriggans mother earth to be added DLC Dawnguard, and model scorched Spriggans to be added DLC Dragonborn (these changes are planned in the following mod updates, but judging by the date of the last update, is unlikely).Mod contains files esp.-only model (except Wispmother, there are present and texture).

Attention! Some models contain elements of nudity and are not intended for use by persons under-age play!
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