Brigida Dress Colour Variations mod for Skyrim


The mod adds a dress, shoes and a necklace Brigida of The Witcher 2 for the girls with the bodies UNP. Dress and boots are available in six colors, a necklace in one. Clothing has the characteristics of glass armor, made in a forge, improving and enchants. For the production of the book you need a recipe, which is located in Solitude, in Radiant Raiment, on the counter. If you do not have the book, the menu forge clothing will not be displayed.

If you do not want to mess around with crafting, you can use AddItemMenu or open the console and type help brigida. Gloves on screen in modes are not included, they are taken out of mod.

- Skyrim.esm
- Update.esm

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Download Brigida Dress Colour Variations

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