Brynhild – StandAlone Follower companion for Skyrim


Brynhild, while still quite young, the hunters found alone in the wild woods Lore. Its origin is still a mystery, but it is the elf, but was brought up North, her adoptive father, who was a blacksmith, had taught her how to use knives and quickly saw its potential. She always wanted to be a traveler. Now she is - a young mercenary who travel around Skyrim. She’s very strong and ruthless, despite its appearance.

Brynhild is specialized in two-handed weapon, is mostly heavy armor, she also trained in archery, a skill block, simply for convenience
You will find it in the Drunken Huntsman (Whiterun)
Brynhild is starting arsenal, consisting of steel armor, bow, some arrows, Iron Shield, steel sword and iron ax

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