Celedor and Artemion – Elf Brothers companions for Skyrim


The mod will allow you to get acquainted with two very interesting companions brothers elf named Celedor and Artemion. At companions rather unique style of fighting with the author spells. And looks pleasant brothers. Make it look like on screen, you will have to install several additional mods (list of mods see below).

Both brothers are waiting for you in “Four Shieldtavern (Dragon Bridge).

Requirements and Recommendations:
- DCE – Realistic Male Face (To companions looked like on screen)
- Smooth Male Body – textures for Better Males – SOS Schlongs of Skyrim (for companions looked like on screen)
– Face Light
– XP32 Maximum Skeleton – XPMS by xp32 (Groovtama version)
– Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) 1.7.1+

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Download Celedor and Artemion – Elf Brothers

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