Cultist Mask Decapitation Fix for Skyrim

Fix that corrects an error in the DLC Dragonborn, when at cutting off the head of the Cultist Miraak head is separated from the body.
This fix introduces a small change in the model of the mask Miraak cultists. In the game there are other Grand Slam suffering from such mistakes, they correct modes such as Improved closefaced helmets, Open Faced Helmets and Open Faced Guard Helmets, but none of them does not affect the mask cultist, so the fix was created.

If you have not installed DLC Dragonborn, this fix is simply not needed. No esp in mod do not.

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  1. Wayne Villandry

    Converted INI Tweaks chapters to transclude relevant entries within Skyrim INIs Guide. Recommended to use Vanilla Sounds optional file.


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