DAGON ENB for Skyrim


The purpose of this modification ENB DAGON ENB create a fantastic atmosphere in Skyrim.

Advantages and effects:
- Occlusion
- DoF
- The effects of water (beautiful sunny effects, lunar, and so on)
- Bloom
- Lens Effects
- DetailedShadow (detailed shadows)
- Sun rays
- SkyLighting
- ImageBasedLighting
- Reflection (Reflection)
- SoftParticles
- ParticleLights
- SubSurfaceScattering
- CloudShadows (cloud shadows)
- VolumetricRays
- The effects of fog
- Rain Effects

Natural Lighting and Atmospherics for ENB
Important !!!
- Do not forget to delete all the files from any other ENB modifications if you have installed

Step 1. Download enbseries 0.279, unzip it somewhere in an empty folder on your desktop, open the folder WrapperVersion and copy only the files and d3d9.dll enbhost.exe in the game folder (where the file is located TESV.exe)
Step 2. Download the file we “DAGON ENB”
Step 3: The archive is a folder “DAGON ENB III”, is the main mod, open this folder, take the entire contents and throw in the game folder (not in Data, as to where the file is located TESV.exe)
Step 4: The archive is a folder “NLA”, it is esp. file from the mod “Natural Lighting and Atmospherics”, which is required as a prerequisite, take the file Natural Lighting and Atmospherics.esp and throw into the Data folder in the game and activate in the launcher

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Download Dagon ENB

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