FNIS Sexy Move mod for Skyrim


The purpose of this mod FNIS - sexy move is randomly assigned 1 of 9 variants available sexual gait and running for any female NPC in the game that the player is in the zone. But you can also assign different variants of gait for your ward / companion and you will have a variety of options through the gait MCM menu or via a dialog window / dialog branch, to change the gait companion or for specific characters. In general, if brief, but now you can change the gait of the game for any female NPC, companion, wife and so on by changing options gait through the MCM menu or through dialogue.

- Game Version
- SKSE 1.07.03 and higher
- SkyUI 4.1 and higher
- FNIS 5.5 or FNIS 6.0 higher !

Version: 6.1
- Fixed a bug that prevented properly updated after loading animations when one uses alternative mod animation (FNIS 6.x)
- Fixed a bug with the NPC, could not move after the dialog changes animation
- FNIS Sexy Move will no longer be initialized during the intro Skyrim (to avoid generic error)


Download FNIS Sexy Move

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