Galen companions for Skyrim


Galen - a Redguard and werewolf. He was infected when he was young and he could not defeat the beast within himself. He killed all those who came in his way, he could not distinguish friend from foe. People noticed and rallied to track him down - prosecution was successful, Galen was badly wounded, he managed to escape, but with difficulty. The mysterious stranger found him, he was again the man on the verge of death. The man helped him back to life and invited him to his family. After a while Galen appeared in Whiterun and realized that the man who helped him is Kodlak Whitemane. He stayed in Jorrvaskr, colleagues taught him how to control the beast, he even found their love – a young girl who had just joined the legendary group. All was well until the full moon Galen could not escape in time, and the girl followed him. She was so amazed and frightened that she could not escape. After this incident, none of the Companions never saw Galen.

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