Seduction Spell mod for Skyrim

Enchantment of seduction - a new magic spell for those who do not want to be suspected of having committed any acts. This spell available at the level of the pupil, it puts the spell on the target and forces it to fulfill your orders.
Objectives for which you use this spell will be your companions for 50 seconds. During this time, the victim will execute such orders as the
1. Wait here
2. Take something
3. Open the door
4. Attack

On a note:
Can not be used on the current followers
As it is impossible to give the order to attack targets someone of his faction, in this case, the spell is interrupted and both characters will attack you.
Buy spells that can be from any seller of magic, in all major cities.
We spell the range of 0, this you have to in a tight fit to the purpose.

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