Sleet and Lava and Aurora mod for Skyrim

This mod adds to the game 3, very young companions, elves Sliit, Lava and Aurora, they classification magicians use their favorite spells Frost, fire and lightning. All the girls are body UNP, all the girls are very short, the same as children who breathe in the navel
- The girls live outside the Hall of the Deadin Whiterun the cemetery
- It’s a mystery why they were in such a place, they are dressed in shabby clothes
- Girls have the same stats as the high elves
- All the girls body UNP default
- Textures body uses the standard, default, you can use any texture of the body, what you like, that is what the texture of the skin you installed the game, the same will be and she
- Please do not change the girls skeleton, such as growth, it is fraught with consequences
- Skyrim and higher
- Race Compatibility
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