Todd Howard has assured players Fallout 4 on fixing bugs games


The latest game from Bethesda became The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, has been praised in the press and among the players. However, these same players are faced with a diverse range of technical problems – from the glitches and bugs prior to departure and optimization problems, and the owners bought the game PlayStation 3 More for a long time and could not get access to downloadable content.

Naturally, many are concerned, we have considered whether the errors developers, and they will not repeat them in the future Fallout 4. Todd Howard, director of development, I’m sure of it.

“It took us about a few months to ensure that deal with these issues – says Todd. – With all of the released updates and DLC for Skyrim – First, we identify and correct errors, and then proceeded to check the rest of the content. However, we learned from our mistakes and seek a better approach. ”

It inspires confidence, even though we hear these words, it seems, even with the release of TES IV: Oblivion. However, at the moment, developers, according to Todd, occupied one of the most serious problems – the corruption of the save data.
“For us, the progress of the game – the number one question. If the game has taken off – it’s bad. But this is not even close to be compared to the case where all of the saved games are corrupted. We make every effort to avoid it. We made a great leap in this regard during the development of Skyrim, and continue to build on this experience. ”

Indeed, while playing Fallout 3 and Skyrim many players from time to time complained that their conservation becomes unusable – the game simply refuses to load them. Perhaps this time the developers will be able to prepare the game for an early release. We remind you that it will be held on November 10 this year on PC and consoles of the current generation, and pre-order the game is available now.

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