True Storms- Climates of Tamriel v5 patch for Skyrim


This updated version of the patch for those who use modes True Storms and a new update Climates of Tamriel v5. This patch is available in the file mod True Storms, but there is a patch for the old version Climates of Tamriel v3.1, as well as the author of True Storms mod no longer updates its modes, the new patch for the new version Climates of Tamriel v5 made another author, for which he thanks!

What does the patch:
- The patch adds the weather and sound effects from the mod True Storms new weather types have been added in the latest mod Climates of Tamriel v5
- The patch is easy to make changes from True Storms in Climates of Tamriel v5
- The patch includes the sounds of thunder (external and indoor), the sound of rain indoor rain shaders used in fashion True Storms
- This patch was created with the help of TES5Edit

True Storms
Climates of Tamriel 5

Download True Storms- Climates of Tamriel v5 patch

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