XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended for Skyrim

Attention!!! Do not use this mod if you body does not have physics BBP / TBBP / HDT !!! Attention!!! This skeleton should always be installed last, after you have set the desired mode on the body or animation and nothing should overwrite files of the skeleton of the other mods !!! (except UN7B body, in this retextures their bodies skeleton files, so make sure you install the skeleton, and then the body of the replacement of skeletal UN7B files) Attention!!! Do not delete the file from this skeleton skeleton_female.hkx

Everybody knows the famous mod “Skeleton xp32″, which changes the very skeleton of the character in the multi-skeleton for the best work of the various animations as the standard game, and from different mods. This mod does not affect the animation from the 1st person. Skeleton for female bodies CBBE + BBP / TBBP + HDT, UNP + BBP / TBBP + HDT, 7B + BBP / TBBP + HDT. This option “XPMS Extended” is like the same mod, but is specifically designed for bodies that use physics HDT, and this option is applicable to the bodies that use physics BBP / TBBP, that is, for those who have a body physics BBP / TBBP but you need to use physics HDT

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