Zane Silver-Tongue Follower companion for Skyrim


The mod adds a new mate Zane. Not aggressive, everyone helps morale neutral and available for marriage. Initially dressed in apron blacksmith and armed with an iron sword.
The level is proportional to the player 255; Magic, health, endurance - 50 (at the level of SG = 1); restoring health, magic, stamina 100%. Armor - give it. Handed 100 2 - 100 15 Shooting, Block - 100, 100 heavy armor, light - 15. Secrecy 100. Protection from magic 25%, the rest of protection (from the elements, poisons, diseases) - 0. Importance - protected.

26833050 76985882 97798333 98534378

Download Zane Silver-Tongue Follower


  1. Rista

    Were can I find Zane in my skyrim?please help me

    1. anon

      whiterun, drunken huntsman


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